This Magical Day

Yippee!!  I am now blogging. A blogger I am. A blogette?  OK, enough of that.  This is a fun new adventure. I can’t wait to learn how to do this. I decided that since I was spending so much time on Facebook, that I might as well get the blog going. So here I am. Eventually I want to write a memoir. I love reading them (Julie and Julia, for example).  From blog to memoir sounds like a Happy Trail.  SIDE NOTE: Watching Roy Rogers and Dale Evans back in the 1950’s, singing along at the end of the show, “Happy Trails to you, until we meet again….”  Loved it.  Note to self, see if I can find the music to add to my Feel Good Music folder on the iPod.

Here’s one of my Facebook posts from today:

OH WOW!! A hummingbird just came up to my window and hovered there for about a minute. What a treat! Daisy the cat was looking out the window and just kept quiet and observed. What a sweet scene. Hummingbirds always remind me of mom. Life is magical.

About magicalpam

I love my life! I believe that happiness is contagious. I am incredibly lucky and blessed. I know that I am meant to teach and to learn and dive in, venture forth, live large and laugh often. I am a world traveler, writer, reader, mixed-media artist, able to break out in song for no apparent reason. Lover of color, words, books, movies, exploring, LIFE!
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1 Response to This Magical Day

  1. Becky Selders says:

    I just want you to know that in Colorado, we always take all our hummingbird feeders and hang them in the lofty, lodge pines. Hummingbirds there will dive bomb anything that’s red and do their reconnoisance…vertical flying, horizontal flying, looking right at whatever is red before they decide to try it. We found that out when red bandannas were on our heads! They are one of my passions…so enjoy.

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