Let Your Life Be Transformed

It started with the recycling.  I was supposed to be packing a suitcase, so of course I decided to take a little trip to the recycling center. Boy-oh-boy, there was a LOT of traffic out there on the streets today. I know, this is Los Angeles. There is always traffic. But still.

I left the r.c. and after circling around a little to avoid the mega traffic on Olympic, I was driving down Pico on my way to Lincoln. I started thinking about what I would write today, and JUST as I thought “how has magic shown up in my life today?”, a man on a motorcycle pulled up in the next lane.  His black leather jacket was inscribed with:
Really. I am not making this up. I took a picture and if I every learn, when I learn how to add photos to my posts I will add it.

The deal is, I had a bicycle. Her name was BABY GIRL. I loved her almost as much as I loved the bike I had as a kid back in Kansas, and that was a lot. (My legs are very strong and I know it is from all the bike riding.) Baby Girl was stolen last year, and now that my knees are healed from surgeries, I’m ready to get another wonderful bicycle. This is something that just popped up for me in the last couple of weeks, and then today…. MAGIC WHEELS.  I wonder what I will name the new bike.

There was much more wonderfulness today. In fact, at one point I was thinking “The Magic is overflowing!”, but not as though that was a bad thing.

I’m flying tomorrow so I’m not going to ramble on much longer. I do want to mention that today I got to (+) see my son, talk to him for a while and give & get a big hug, (+) briefly visit a friend/new mom and see baby pictures, (+) talk with a dear friend who was having SUCH a day, give her hugs and love and advise her to step back and take a breath. Also I got to (+) go into a shop, the wonderful BEYOND SCENTS in Marina Del Rey, and be introduced as ‘the fairy lady’, (+) find beautiful, sparkly gifts for three friends I’m off to visit, and (+) buy the 48-card deck “Don Miguel Ruiz’ THE FOUR AGREEMENTS.  Hence, today’s title, the first card I pulled for myself when I asked for a gentle, appropriate message.  Herewith:

“When you stop making assumptions, your word becomes impeccable, and your life is completely transformed. MAGIC just happens in your life. What you need comes to you easily because spirit moves freely through you.”


p.s.  Ha ha, I had assumed that since I tried once to insert a photo, and it didn’t work, that I didn’t know how to do it.  I was not content with that assumption, and as you can see, I inserted the Magic Wheels photo.  (The smallest things make the biggest difference.)


About magicalpam

I love my life! I believe that happiness is contagious. I am incredibly lucky and blessed. I know that I am meant to teach and to learn and dive in, venture forth, live large and laugh often. I am a world traveler, writer, reader, mixed-media artist, able to break out in song for no apparent reason. Lover of color, words, books, movies, exploring, LIFE!
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