Philosophy 101

The smallest things make the biggest differences.

That is one of my core beliefs.  I am a big believer in baby steps and little itty-bitty moves.  I know that if I need to do something (clean out the car, floss my teeth, shop for vegetables, scrub the kitchen floor) it all starts with a small motion (get a trash bag & hang it on the door handle, imagine having my teeth fall out, imagine my hair falling out, get the steam cleaner out of the broom closet).


True, oh so true.  Every day we make choice after choice after choice.  For many of us it starts with either getting up when the alarm goes off OR hitting the snooze button. Our closets offer us a hotbed of choices. Further into the day, we can choose to allow that wanting-to-merge-into-traffic person in front of us, or not.  We can choose / decide to have either the carb-laden or protein rich lunch.  And so on….


This is not something I have truly taken to heart. Not yet anyway. Still working on it, since I used to say (often) “Excess is best!” with great enthusiasm.

The thing that got me going on this topic is this:

Neil Pasricha is the blogger / creator of 1,000 awesome things.  Speaking of “the smallest things….” (see up top), the blog posts turned into a book.  Good for him!  I love that he appreciates so many things.  I think he must be a very happy fellow.  Hope so, anyway.

Today I appreciated fresh strawberries and blue berries, successfully using my dremel on my altered book project, picking up the books I had requested from my library, a great big hug from Brent and a sweet little nap.

Life is good!


About magicalpam

I love my life! I believe that happiness is contagious. I am incredibly lucky and blessed. I know that I am meant to teach and to learn and dive in, venture forth, live large and laugh often. I am a world traveler, writer, reader, mixed-media artist, able to break out in song for no apparent reason. Lover of color, words, books, movies, exploring, LIFE!
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