G could be for Generally

But it isn’t. Generally I don’t stress much. I started feeling anxious about what I wanted to say about… well, let me just get on with it. Here’s what I wrote, most of it weeks ago. This morning I reminded myself that if I have something that is bothering me, nagging at me, diverting my attention, DO SOMETHING about it. Ready, set, GO:

G is for Germany

At heart, I feel that I am a German farmer. I am stout and strong. I love nature and animals and a good slab of bread along with a hearty stew, and laughing with much gusto. I had relatives named Decker and Strider. I am most likely a mixture of German, English, Dutch and French. The German strands of my DNA sing to me, reminding  me of my connection with the earth.

GOOD GOSH and GOLLY GEE.  I thought I was going to write about the generosity of Germany towards the refugees from Syria. I got overwhelmed and stuck. Then I thought about my German heritage, about Brent’s time with the Army/being stationed in Giessen, Germany, about my visit there to see him and how we went exploring through museums and castles. I thought about my Dad who was a paratrooper with the army during WW2. I thought about things like the Black Forest, Oktoberfest, the Autobahn, cuckoo clocks, delicious Germany sausages and frosty mugs of German beer.  And then I veered off in another direction.  Now,  G is for GUMPTION.

NOUN:  shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.


Sometimes I feel that my get up and go, did. It got up and went. I feel spent, and relentlessly bent out of shape about it. Ah, yes, the Spirit is strong but the flesh wants a nap and then some chocolate and a DVR’d episode of ‘Scandal’ with a side of ‘Survivor’.  Then I do a quick step and recheck and remember that my own reality drama of “oh, my aching feet” and some truly awful Louisiana summer heat is and was a combination that led to nearly complete defeat.

And now, sweet relief. Two days in a row of nice weather, as in not in the “90s it feels like 110” weather.  Plus I’m sure our humidity is shipped here from Mars. Now = oh, Happy Day!  Now I can actually access my gumption. When my eyes were glazed over and my pores were operating in hyper-drive I lost sight of my spirited initiative let alone my resourcefulness.  Now I can get all excited about casting my gaze toward the horizon, about venturing forth, about getting out there and flexing my gumption muscles.  Adventure beckons.

And now, just because I have things… ok, ERRANDS, beckoning, I will click on the “Publish” button and get going. Now that I have re-accessed some gumption, y’all.


About magicalpam

I love my life! I believe that happiness is contagious. I am incredibly lucky and blessed. I know that I am meant to teach and to learn and dive in, venture forth, live large and laugh often. I am a world traveler, writer, reader, mixed-media artist, able to break out in song for no apparent reason. Lover of color, words, books, movies, exploring, LIFE!
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